The History Hotline Tuition

At The History Hotline, we recognise that what is taught in schools can sometimes fall short of what students need for success. The History Hotline podcast was born out of a frustration of a lack of Black British History in English schools so sought to provide that education online.

In our teaching experience, we've observed that education which includes Black educators, Black History and sets student up with the skills they need to tackle a variety of subjects yields strong results for students; especially Black students, who often unrepresented in their curriculums.

Starting in 2024, The History Hotline, in collaboration with Musetopia Xbook, a tech based software company, will be delivering 3 levels of online tuition:

  • “Continuous Habits” - this is a free study skills tuition, in order to teach students transferable study skills that are helpful and allow for efficient study
  • “Continuous Revision” - this consists of monthly revision sessions in groups of four where students select the revision topic, based on their needs; with a guide price of £15 per month
  • “Continuous Customisation” - this is closer to the traditional weekly 1-to-1 tuition model. Students will be matched with an undergraduate with expert subject knowledge and sessions will begin at the guide price of £25 per hour.

We hope you find this helpful and that you'd like to join our community of advanced learners. If so, please provide your email address below or email us directly at and one of the team with be in touch with more details.